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Derby trainer! Say What?

I can't believe it. When I started derby, I had only skated one summer almost 20 years ago on roller blades. We got the offer from our training committee to learn how to become a trainer starting out with our Crash course. I've stuck around with the Crash coursers even after graduating because it was fun to help out and facilitate their learning. Leadership took notice and offered me a position with training them as a support trainer. Our groups are 15-30 new skaters at a time and having extra feedback always helps. A month later I started taking over practices as the lead trainer.

Watching these new athletes try a skill and seeing their face light up with excitement when they start to get it has been so amazing! With my teaching style, they were introduced to new concepts of which muscles they felt working to get the skill and which wheels the pressure was on. Being able to point out how each skill should feel was the "ah ha" moment most of them were looking for.

My goals for next year? I want to continue with Crash course training and start building concepts for our normal league practices.

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