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Nomad's Notes

Captain's Log June 18th YC 117

Crew members


Damian Maricadie got the itch. Some call it Cabin fever. Others think it is a basic need for us to kill each other.

In any case not taking care of this will lead to too many problems in the future. Scratch it we must. We gathered our forces. Now having purchased some dirt cheap "Plex" years ago in Jita, money is not an issue. I purchase a Gila as bait and Damage. Sandie gets her first slasher as a light tackle. Damian grabs a Vexor.

We jump off from shortly outside of Jita to start a Low security roam towards Dodixie. The route is scheduled to take us 36 Jumps…

Unknown to Sandie or Damian, this is my first Fleet Commander attempt. I've flown with many groups and know the ropes. Finally its time to put this knowledge into action. With two cruisers and one tackle frigate we are not looking for a big fight. Damian and I discuss with Sandie the roles and expectations of a light tackle along the way. Finally we are ready for our first jump into low security at Crielere . System is clear, no camps. We want to find a fight fast so we blitz through the gates (First mistake of no +1). We are over ten jumps in having only seen the occasional exploration frigate that jumps before we get point. In Evati we pass a group of two Tengus, one Stratios, and one Gila. This is not our fight!!!! We keep jumping.

Into Egmar we stumble a couple of jumps later. Immediately I notice the PVP action. Looks to be around 6 pilots all flagged. We warp to the sun so that we can get a better assessment of the fight and the gate. Augoror, Thrasher, Rupture on scan and a wreck. This looks better, and the cruisers just warped off the gate leaving the thrasher behind. I get fleet warp ready to go off, when the Gramur drops in!!! I signal for immediate tackle on the gramur for an easy drone/missile kill. But it slips outside of range, moving too fast evidently for my medium drones to catch up! Suddenly we have a Huginn on grid scramming and rupture shortly after. Webs are not enough to keep the Gramur in range so I signal for the change of target to the rupture. Broadcast missed… I curse myself for not having teamspeak up. The Gramur finishes off Sandie, the tackle pilot and the enemy turns to the bigger prize. Now with 3 points on me, there is no way I'm getting out of this one. Neuts drain my disruptor and the Rupture is no longer tackled, warping away with 1/2 structure. I'm finally down to 33% shields and turn my focus to the Augoror that has finished taking out the Vexor's Sentry drones. The fight is over, I align to the sun for a quick warp off…….

The Gila blows and I start spamming the warp button, lets get out of here. Then it hits me, we are fighting at the sun! My pod gets pointed and burned quickly. Waking up back home, I check in with the others. Damian has lost his pod and Sandie is on the Run. "Run Sandie Run!!!!" calls Damian. Sandie has made it back to high security and we begin to discuss the fight.

Our conclusions were that following broadcasts / warps / targets worked well. That is untill our hearts began pumping uncontrollably (which is what we wanted anyways). Mission accomplished. Next we started to discuss how to make this even more successful.

Team Speak!!!! Shouting Voice commands is much easier than looking for broadcasts randomly.

Better battle assessment. -- Have a +1 and check the killboards/Corp/Alliance


  • Fly a cheaper ship!

  • Plan out the fleet more.

  • Try a small gang of 4-5 instead of 3 low/inexperienced pilots


  • Work on window arrangement for easier time seeing targets, and effects on ship


  • *Stick around for the post death discussion*

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