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Excel Advanced (part 1)

In my Day to day, I use Microsoft Excel extensively. I have team members here requesting my assistance often and have begun teaching a weekly course on usage. This is not intended to cover basic excel formulas such as Average or Sum. Rather it is intended to make Excel faster to use, give better insights, and help describe some design principals that I use.

The Agenda includes

  • Graphing Data

  • Types of Graphs and their use.

  • Data Tables, labels, and Titles -- Oh my!

  • Setting axis and chart titles dynamically.

  • Pivot Tables:

  • Pivot Basics, The look and Feel

  • Rows Vs Columns and Values

  • Adding Slicers

  • Changing position of the Values field.

  • (WIP) Understanding the Pivot Table/Slicer Cache Systerm

  • Data Validation in Cells

  • Using Data Validation to return Dynamic Selection options.

  • Array Formulas

  • Using an array to parse errors

  • Returning multiple lookup values

As the weeks go by, I will create new posts and add hyperlinks to the Index above. Please reach out to me if you have questions on any of the information presented, or have an Idea on something that you would like to see covered.

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