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Life has been very good to me lately. I am thrilled at the changes. I still hate my voice and am working on sounding more natural. At work I've engaged HR to see what type of expectations are going to be in place. I've also told 2 of the most "engaging" individuals about my new name and correct gender. They are doing most of the work of spreading the news for me. I've got a new girlfriend! I still have finally put the letters to momma in the mail. I'll get that done on lunch break because I actually brought the stamps and address with me today. I also just can't stop smiling. I'm shopping for new clothes, although with the weight re-distribution I may need to do this more often while I change shape. I found it kind of scary when my Dr wanted to do another glucose test. I know with family history that I should have a diabetic screening once per year. The idea that I may be diabetic still terrifies me. I got a new Fire Tablet and have begun to sketch again. I'll be uploading some of those when I finish.

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