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Another Year Down.

It's that time of year and it feels like forever has passed. So many great things have happened this year! Roller Derby, Moving in with my Polyam Partner, Growing my line of business at work, Forgetting to call my mom...

In January I started a training program for our WFTDA roller derby league Wasatch Roller Derby. Looking back on it, I remember trying to stand up and immediately falling on my ass. It took me the better part of two practices not to hold on to the wall while trying to skate. Luckily we have some amazing trainers both on and off skates. I started skating four to five times a week. I needed to prove to myself that I could keep up with these ladies. I was amazed at how everyone in the league just accepted me for me. No mis-gendering, no vitriol, nothing! I was nervous about joining a woman's league with my being trans. I'm always terrified of how I will be treated. Our Crash course program lasted 3 month and I got to know so many new people! I got my tax return in and picked up a pair of Ridel R3 skates and full compliment of safety gear.

At work, I finally convinced upper management to provide us with the most basic of office tools. A coffee machine! I began to expand the responsibilities I was taking on beyond simple report refreshes and more into my field of expertise "Data Exploration". I've been able to learn new tools and languages that enable data visualization through Microsoft PowerBI. I also started development consultations so our Dev teams and marketing teams could both get the most out of every day.

April was a rough patch. One of my Polyam boyfriends and i transitioned away from a romantically involved relationship into just a friendship. Breakups still suck especially when polyam. I'd dedicated five years to our relationship, but it was turning bad. We were both getting snappy and uninterested. I don't blame him. He's a gay man after all and my body has changed far past the point of intimate interest on his part. I just hope we can continue being best friends for a long time to come.

May was another HUGE! change for me. I moved in with my other partner and his husband. It's been an adjustment leaving my king bed and large master bedroom for a much smaller room that only work with a loft-bed and most of my storage under the bed. It's been an incredible experience though, all of us working together to maintain the house and taking on roles to help with the children.

Pride month as always such a blast! We has a huge turnout from the Derby league as we skated in the parade and around the pride festival grounds after. Having finally gotten outdoor wheels I was ready to go. I got to introduce a new friend to the concepts of polyamory. He and his wife had been talking about it for a while. I got to explain how my family practices and give some advice on how to handle both jealousy and envy. Slow and I started more outdoor and trail skating, constantly talking about the different things in our lives. Before we knew it, often we would have skated 10 to 15 miles :)

Then life got really crazy. The company I work for went through an acquisition process and we started re branding everything! I was terrified that my project would loose our contract. Thankfully we haven't had any layoffs in my area. At the same time I was prepping for my first derby bout. My gods, it was an amazing time at that bout. The excitement was delicious. I got lead Jammer on my first jam ever and had a "Showdown" between myself and our top jammer on the last one. We lost that game but everyone had such a great time.

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