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Rolling into Idaho

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Last week I got the chance to play my first travel team game with Wasatch Roller Derby's Midnight Terror. The entire team stayed in a ranch house and had a pretty awesome time bonding before and after the Bout. The entire weekend was made better by our fantastic team "Drink & Cheer" yelling at us to keep pushing, and That's my girl.

Photo Credit

The bout was difficult. In the first half we had dropped behind around 30 points but we never gave up. Out team cheer is "Reset, Relentless, OneTeam, WRD". We took this to heart in that second half making up that deficit and finally coming to the last Jam. The score was 151 to 150 in our favor. We only had to take lead and call off for the win. That is exactly what we did!

So here is a shout-out to all of my family and friends that continue to support me in this amazing sport! Here is to my entire team never giving up! I can't wait for the rest of this year!

<3 Thorn to be Wild #338

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