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Speak ye little, Listen much! A quote from a scrap of poetry that was presented to me years ago. We can learn so much of our surroundings by hearing and often make a huge impact with just a few simple syllables. Our words and thoughts have power beyond the comprehension of most today. Our speech can be soft, harsh, excited, boisterous, intimidating, jovial, and so on. We need to look no further than the news to see the impact just a few short words can have. How we use our words can have a huge impact. Be deliberate! This lesson was taught to me when I entered into management. Oft while coaching my employees with nothing more than a few questions I prompted them to look inside. By guiding their speech, improvements are made faster through self-discovery of both problem and solution. As a caution, never forget to listen first as people often overuse their words. When words get thrown around frivolously, they lose the power to make changes in our world.

Thank you for listening to our conversation today!

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