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Seeds of hope.

I often write from a perspective of anger, pain, depression. This is my coping mechanism. Getting everything onto paper/computer so that I can focus on what the world could be, not what the world is. This act sometimes intended to hurt, and sometimes to show love. Expressing my thoughts I know has caused pain and made people look bad. Even through my tainted view of this world, I am glad in many parts for my upbringing. I was taught not to be concerned with the persecutions of others. I was brought up to be assertive, rather than subservient. Never was I to shrink away from a challenge. I too recognized when it was time to retreat tactfully. Shown that I can find joy in myself when accepting that something else may be at work. Observed that even when our words cause pain and strife, If they are true, they need to be spoken.

Instilled in me were values such as honesty, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. It was learning about the creation of the earth or the beginning of human history that started my foundations. I discovered the seeds of learning and understanding next. I looked to the world around me to understand what my place was. I began to take root, breaking free of the shackles that held me down for so long. Finally, seeing the sky, I saw something vast, blue, beautiful expanse that I wanted to reach. Now that I was free, I relished my first sunset, admiring the beautiful tones of purple and indigo streaking across that sky. The sun slowly dipping below the horizon, turning a gorgeous orange red reminding me that while the day was over, I had much left to learn. So I turned back the the earth, that brown dirt from which I grew. Newly found seeds of hope and happiness for the future I now planted next to me in hopes that I could help someone else grow like I had.

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