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Nomad's Notes : Backpack trip

I've never been a pilot to stay still for too long and just arrived back to home after a month long backpacking trip. A simple yet brilliant Idea. It was an accident really, I fell into a shattered wormhole just before my internet crashed out for a couple of days. When I logged back on I realized my find. Checking Trip-wire's mapping tool, a C1 and Null static connection were reported. After three days, I realized this was incorrect. This system had static connections to High Security, Low security, and a C1 instead!

I quickly scanned down the sites and mark the ones I want to complete. I found 5 Null sec level Relic hacking sites that day. After checking the exits, I find my closest trade hub is Amarr, only 3 jumps away. Quickly I fit out a Gnosis for travel . You see, my corporation knows me for my unusual uses of the Gnosis battle cruiser such as salvage, logistics, hauler, prober, hacker, damage and sometimes mining. In this case, I fill out a Hauler with expanded cargo holds. Now sporting a 2000 m3 cargo hold, I fill up with huge secure containers, mobile tractor unit, mobile depot, and mods to swap to other modes.

Upon re-entering the wormhole, I continue to work on making my safe spots to keep the newly acquired Secure containers before deciding to go after the sites. Finally once done I decide to take out a Class 3 level sleeper relic site: Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost. But alas, Tragedy struck when my computer decided it wanted to update the moment I warped in. Already warp scrambled from the Emergent Preserver's I was helpless to enter an emergency warp away when the game looses connection. I logged back into a pod, staring at the wreck of my main character's Gila.

Now down 400 million ISK, I needed to make some money. Following the Eve code however, I never fly anything that I cannot afford to lose, and replaced it with the same model. Back to those sleepers, I took them out in a few minutes and brought in the salvage Gnosis. 90 million is was looted off the first of many sites. Due to an unstable internet connection I restrained myself to only complete class 2 and lower sites in an attempt to prevent such a loss again. Even with these low level sites, I was making over 300 million per day.

On day 4, now having a full load in my gnosis I unzip the high security static connection to find myself 4 jumps away from Rens. Unloading the cargo was simple and the market prices decent, I was now in the positive nearly 800 million ISK. One of the Item I had forgotten on my original trip in were combat probes. With the extra money I decided to spring for the Sister's of Eve Faction set before rushing back to my little hole in space.

The system remained quiet for most of a month. I would come home from work and find between 2 and 5 Relic sites per day. One day I got back however and every gas site had been mined out, and I decided it was time to leave. Checking back on the board, there have been 8 kills in the time after, mostly during the time that I played. Overall the trip was a success and I look forward to the next Shattered hole I get into while flying a Shiny new Tengu!

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