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Sister Talk

Today I got to talk to my little sister. We got to talk about all manner of things. ... I told her that no matter what she chooses to believe that I will support and always be there for her. We talked about her plan to make an Ice-cream cake for Mom's birthday. I also told her about my appointment to talk with the doctors about starting hormones. I was frightened of how she might respond however was pleased at the outcome. She doesn't understand why I would go through this process. While she is trying to understand I know that it will be some time before being able to reconcile in her mind that she has 2 sisters instead of 3 brothers. She posed the question of being able to still call me her brother. One day I hope she will not want to anymore but for now I told her it was alright. I still don't know how I feel about it. One side of me wants to scream NO! That I am your Sister! On the other however I know it is going to take her time. She has spent 18 years of having brothers instead of sisters. I have patently taken this one step at a time so far and I supposed there is no reason to stop doing that now.

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