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I recently had a former employee reach out to me over LinkedIn. Sophie had begun work at a non-profit Vivez La Musique and was looking to find someone to wear the crown of Miss LGBT for 2016/1027. At first I was skeptical. While I have not hidden myself at work, I was not overt about my expressions either. I have always tried to be myself, sometimes to my own detriment. I realized however that all of the times that I had worn skirts to work had made an impression. Without meaning to I had changed someones life and their view forever. I remember getting questions frequently at first of "Why are you wearing ...'that'?". My response was always the same. "Because It looks good and it makes me feel good." Other times, I would hear whispers of "what does HE think that he is doing?" which was disheartening. It never stopped me however and I am glad now.

I reached out to Vivez La Musique this week and told them I was interested, but needed to talk things over with my partners. George was excited when I messaged him last night. This morning I spoke with Gary and we were able to talk at length about what this would mean. He told me that his support was mine (even if he was a gay man dating a woman) and that my happiness was important.

Having the reassurances from my Significant Others I sent my response to Vivez La Musique so that we can move forward. Personally this is terrifying and liberating at the same time. I have always survived by not being in the spotlight and watching for danger. This next chapter however will be very public for me. I can only hope that for the first time I will have the opprotunity and ability to change the lives of people forever.

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