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Fear laid to rest

My workplace history has not been the most accepting. In many ways, it terrifies me the potential outcomes of transition in the workplace. I am always looking to push myself beyond my comfort zones and continue to move forward. A recent email chain came down recognizing me for the contributions made to the company. Now, boss-lady "A" has previously made it clear that she wants to support and make any changes go as smoothly as possible while still maintaining a safe environment for everyone. I was misgendered several times in the chain. Most of the people have not met me, nor has my name been changed in any of our systems. Nervously I typed an email to "A" asking for her to begin using female pronouns or simply no pronouns at all. I poured over this email, writing, scrapping and re-writing all in the hopes that it would not sound uppity. Finally, when I was satisfied that I would not look like a demanding jerk, I sent the email. This morning I was thrilled by the response that had caused insomnia the night before. She had responded by enthusiastically agreeing to change the pronoun usage and went further. "A" asked if I wanted her to request this of not only our floor but also to our clients as well. I am again blown away at the difference in this new project. The support found here is more than I ever hoped.

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