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Feeling overwhelmed, frightened, overall depressed. What's a girl to do when faced with the new leadership coming to this country? The answer is simple: Call Momma.

She has always been one to express her mind, tell me as it is. When she tells me that she loves me, there is not "but." Today was no different. I called her on lunch just to talk when she asked me how I was doing. I answered first that things were good, but then recanted to things were ok. Immediately she knew that something was off and suspected that it might be related to the recent elections. We talked for a bit about what was worrisome. We talked about being able to afford transition, the cost of medication and any plans for surgery. Thankfully the cost of medicine will be mostly affordable even if not covered by insurance. With no current plans for surgery, I don't have too many worries there. We moved on to my biggest fear, safety. Thankfully I have an amazing workplace that does not discriminate, a boss that is supportive, and a network of friends willing to be there for me every step of the journey. We talked about the hard truth of how there will always be discrimination of some people discussing how to stay safer when going out. I spoke with this amazing woman about the struggles she has faced and what she did to survive.

Thank you, Momma!

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